Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick DeVos is a very giving entrepreneur and philanthropist, extremely active in the Michigan and the national Republican party as a donor (and past Michigan governor aspirant), and successful businessman. His great interest in improving the infrastructure of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the state’s second largest city, has led to considerable new growth and revitalization along the city’s skyline while helping to prevent what could have turned out to be suburban sprawl. Worried that a sports facility was going to be built outside of the city’s central business district, Mr. DeVos took immediate and powerful action. With other area business leaders who were instrumental in the construction of some of the city’s most noteworthy and significant facilities (DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids City Market, MSU’s medical school among others), the Grand Action group was formed.


Dick, who is the husband of Betsy DeVos, appointed the U.S. Secretary of Education by President Trump, is the heir to the DeVos family fortune, as is Betsy, heir to fortunes on her side of the family as well. What with all the financial success and prosperity they have enjoyed throughout their lives, though, they don’t sit still accruing more and more wealth. As GOP mega-donors, the DeVoses have used their considerable political influence in Michigan to implement greatly needed changes in state law affecting labor and education.


With a great interest in aviation (Mr. DeVos is a licensed pilot), Dick reached a pinnacle in this field on September 28, 2017, when he was one of seven new members appointed to the top civilian panel overseeing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.


In addition to all the other activities that keep him in perpetual motion, Mr. DeVos and Betsy founded and oversee the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a powerful Michigan philanthropy with many heartfelt interests. From 1989 to 2015, donations from the Foundation to groups in health and human services, leadership programs, arts and culture, churches, and policy initiatives focused on scholarships for private schools and education reform exceeded $138.7 million. Their donation of $12.5 million was greatly instrumental in the construction of a children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System, a $103 million project.


Now in the national spotlight, the DeVoses interest in strategic advocacy for private school vouchers have spread from Michigan to other states across the country. Mrs. DeVos has stated that 24 states and Washington D.C. now have some sort of vouchers for private schools.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Learn with Rocketship Education

When a person is looking for education alternative to send their school aged child they can trusted Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school. This school has been in operation since 2006 and student that have attended this educational center has improve their state test scores. This school is an alternative to public schools for low income families. This school started in California and now has locations across the United States.

Rocketship Education uses what is known as a hybrid model for learning. The school uses online learning, small group tutoring, and classroom instruction lead by a teacher. The school also works with other nonprofit organizations to send their students to college so they can get their teaching degrees. This school works with low income families and the goal is to reduce the achievement gap and provide these students with a quality education. This school also works with English Language Learners. Seventy percent of the students that attend one of the Rocketship schools are learning English as a second language.

This school wants to give the students some real-world experience as well. In 2016 the school organized a trip, so the students could visit the global headquarters 0f Ebay. The school also launched the QueenHype project. This project was developed to help empower girls and young women, so they can focus on communication. The school also partnered with the Wob of Life Field. This allowed the students to take additional fieldtrips. Rocketship is also helping student learn and understand the sciences.

When a parent is looking for an alternative to public school, Rocketship Education is a great choice. This charter school is looking to help those that come from lower income families learn and get a quality education. This will give a student a good start in life and help them in the future.

Michael Lacey Shows Math Miracles

Michael Lacey has proven that the field of mathematics is one still worth exploring. He has shown over and over again how understanding of this field can change the way we operate in this world and make life better for each and every one of us.


Michael Lacey is a receiver of the Guggenheim fellowship award in 2004. This is a grant which allows him to take time off of work to pursue his own interest in mathematics so that he can continue expanding our understanding of probability. The grant that he was given averages to about $42,000. It was given to him after the Guggenheim fellowship weeded out 4000 other applicants. It was given to him because so far in his career his already shown himself to be productive and a prodigy in the field of mathematics. Other receivers of the Guggenheim fellowship are people who won the Pulitzer Prize and are Nobel laureates. This means that he is certainly the top of his profession. He was recognized by the Simon foundation right before the American mathematical society reach out to him and offered him fellowship.


Michael Lacey prepared to change a few of mathematics by mentoring underneath Walter Philip at the University of Illinois. At the ripe young age of 28 Michael Lacey would receive his PhD in mathematics after writing a thesis on Banach spaces which helped to solve a problem with the iterated logarithms.


From there, Michael Lacey would take advice Walter Philip and begin working at the University of North Carolina. Located at Chapel Hill, Michael Lacey was able to continue his friendship with his old mentor as the two of them combined their brains to continue proving their central limit theorem. After just a few years they had been able to write enough peer-reviewed papers to prove this theory beyond any reasonable doubt.


Michael Lacey would ultimately end up at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here is known by his students to be a difficult professor who teaches you how to think differently about the concepts of math. He is also mentoring doctoral students.