The Hope of Migrants Through Lacey and Larkin

Every individual has rights, duties, and responsibilities irrespective of the society they live. Just as they have a right to live, they have numerous other rights and freedom. However, migrants have a rough time exercising these constitutional rights.

More often than not, they are viewed as outcasts whose lives and welfare does not count in the community. They experience the trampling of their coveted human rights without even raising an eyebrow. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

That’s how challenging being a migrant means in this country. Luckily, compassionate and kind hearts have observed this cruelty and discrimination and have sworn to join these migrant’s life-long fight. They have formulated activist groups to foster the recognition and respect of the rights of these afflicted groups of people. Frontera Fund is one of the helpful groups.

Just like any other institution, Frontera Fund has its founders, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two influential figures served as the media executive at Village Voice Media. The foundation came about as a result of a rough ordeal they had experienced in their line of duty over ten years ago.

Lacey and Larkin were relaxing after the day’s job at their Phoenix homes. At that moment, unmarked vehicles with tinted windows and Mexican plates made way into their homes. It was the Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa.

The duo were stand-up citizens and had no association whatsoever with any criminal activities that would warrant the attention of the authorities. Within no time, they were in cuffs and being shoved at the back of these suspicious vehicles. It dawned on them that they were being arrested and to make matters worse, they were locked up in different jails. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

A normal society appreciates and rewards the exposure of wrongdoings. However, this was the complete opposite of what was happening to Lacey and Larkin. They had published in the ‘Phoenix News Times’ that Arpaio, commonly called the American Toughest Sheriff, was the head of the snake that perpetrated a myriad of wrong doings against the people of the state of Arizona.

They reported that he was in support of the anti-Mexican fear-mongering and political posturing in Arizona. They went ahead to uncover the financial irregularities and mismanagement of the sheriff’s office. Also, they unearthed the power abuses directed to those that were against the sheriff’s actions.

Lacey and Larkin faced immense threats from Arpaio and company, but they did not relent. They stood and also exposed that which was true to the letter. For this reason, even after their arrest, the public was in their support and demanded their release in less than 24 hours.

The injustice against Lacey and Larkin instigated a revolution that saw the founding of Frontera Fund Foundation financed by the settlement of 3.7 million dollars that the duo received from Maricopa County for their wrongful and unconstitutional arrest.

The initiative targets to assist the Hispanic community in Arizona who face civil rights abuse and racism. Their stand is with the migrants irrespective of the forces operating against them.


Americans Must Fight for the Constitution

The United States of America has always been a country that can change based on political activism. It is one of the great things being part of a Democratic government. We are allowed to say what is on our minds and advocate for change. Unfortunately, as the 20th century has taught us, every government can get to the point that it becomes tyrannical.

This is happening in the United States of America. While it is not yet large scale, there are people in power who want to violate and completely repeal our right to free speech. The moment that happens is the moment that democracy dies.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were just two of the victims who had their freedom of speech violated. This occurred because they were publishing materials that made the nation aware of the fact that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of the Maricopa County Police Department was systematically persecuting the Latino community with in the state of Arizona.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio did not take kindly to these brave Americans showing his illegal activity. Because of that, he decided to over reach his power and take all of the research Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had concerning him even though he did not have a subpoena.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would file a lawsuit against the Maricopa County in hopes to raise awareness to the fact that the first amendment is not being respected. They would win a settlement for $3.75 million which would start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund exists to promote American rights for everybody. Not only do they fight for immigration reform but they also publish the Front Page Confidential. This online magazine fights for the freedom of speech and teaches average citizens how they can also contribute.