Sunday Riley and Product Thrills

Sunday Riley is a widely known skincare brand that recently came out with a gift set that’s for the holiday season. The set consists of a total of three items. There are solely 1,000 kits in existence as well. Sunday Riley is without a doubt a brand that has a devoted base of fans. It hails from Houston, Texas and is a big hit at the makeup chain that’s known as Sephora. When Sunday Riley comes out with new offerings, its fans essentially go crazy.

Good Genes is a skincare product that has been making waves all throughout the beauty universe for a while. It’s a liquid exfoliation product that’s a Sunday Riley staple. It revolves around lactic acid and performs a number of different skincare functions. It accomplishes a lot in order to enhance the complexion. It’s thought to make skin appear and feel a lot softer. It’s also thought to make it appear a lot more radiant. People discovered that they’re not going to be able to purchase it in the United Kingdom anymore. That’s due to the fact that there are rules that restrict lactic acid levels that are permitted inside of skincare formulas.

People who post on Reddit forums couldn’t bear the news of the ending of Good Genes in the United Kingdom. Sunday Riley, though, came out with an update on the product in the fall of 2018. It included glycolic acid rather than lactic acid. It was solely on hand for purchase in the United Kingdom. Things are changing, however. Sunday Riley has big plans to start selling it in the United States. People have to get the product by securing the aforementioned set. This set is solely on hand for a restricted duration. It’s referred to simply as the Early Access Set. The kit is a goldmine for people who want to get their hands on the glycolic acid offering. It’s also a goldmine for Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) lovers who wish to get two different items that haven’t yet come out to the public. These other products aren’t coming out until the start of 2019 rolls around.


David Mcdonald Helps OSI Group Experience Sustainable Growth

The President of OSI Group David Mcdonald knows that you may not think about where your food comes from when you eat at a restaurant or go to the grocery store, but his company is one of the biggest food producers in the world and they keep expanding. It’s an important business for the world and he knows that as a company they have a lot of responsibility as they expand.One of the efforts that David Mcdonald has been supporting during his working career with the OSI Group has been sustainability for the company and the environment. They have been recognized multiple times for their programs to operate in an environmentally responsible way. These awards include the California Green Business Award and the Global Visionary Award.

OSI Group has been around for around 100 years and people have been eating their products at restaurants like McDonald’s for decades without ever knowing it. The headquarters that David Mcdonald operates out of is based in Aurora, Illinois, but they have operations in 17 different countries and plans to grow this number. The privately held company has completed a multitude of acquisitions recently that have made a considerable impact on theirĀ OSI production capabilities.Last year OSI Group purchased a facility in Chicago, Illinois that mainly processed chicken when it was being operated by Tyson Foods. David Mcdonald believes that it will be important for his company so they can expand their food production that will include chicken and other products.

The plant was scheduled to be closed by Tyson because of the operations costs which would have caused 500 people to have lost their jobs. When OSI Group purchased the facility for $7.4 million, they were able to offer positions at their company for many of the employees that were with Tyson.While the rate at which OSI Group has been able to grow is impressive, the fact that the food company has managed to stay around for 100 years is just as impressive. Even with the problems that the economy faced, David Mcdonald and OSI Industries still managed to a successful business. They are ready to change with the times and the needs of their customers which has been proven time and time again.