Charlamagne tha God Discuses Therapy, New Book and More

Bill Rhoden recently sat down to conduct an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, several topics were discussed during the interview including his new book Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me.

The book, as well as the conversation, bring to light a seldom seen vulnerable side of the provocative radio host. Known for his provocative rhetoric and confrontational interview style, in the interview Charlamagne exposes a softer side where he discusses living with the struggles of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and his choice to seek out therapy.

He explained the title of the book is a shout out to a song by Mobb Deep titled Shook Ones. The song is about not being soft or shook. He went on to say that he was the shook one, realizing his actions were based on fear instead of fearlessness. He says that many of his fears both rational and irrational, stem from fights, racism, and being attacked. The remainder of the title for the book: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me is a nod to the Geto Boys song Mind Playing Tricks on Me which he says are all about anxiety.

In his book, The Breakfast Club star discusses what he terms as “Blackanoid” a term he created to describe being black and paranoid in America, he describes the anxiety being black and paranoid and what that stems from. He also explains why he made the decision to start therapy at 39 years of age. He explains how therapy helped him overcome his fears, his history, and things he has suppressed, selling crack to a woman in South Carolina for example. Going into more detail he explained the woman’s daughter dropped out of school to care for her mother, and he feels he bears a part of the responsibility.

Later in the conversation, he discussed the #MeToo movement and his hopes that it leads to changes in men’s behavior towards women. he went on to say that he currently has two daughters and another on the way and that his future is decidedly female, so if it makes the world better for women he supports it. He also explained how his views have changed with age as well as becoming a husband and father.

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