Securus Technologies: Aiding Prisons In Monitoring And Communication Services

The prison communication business is slowly growing to be bigger than it has ever been. More and more names are trying to stand up against the big players in the field. Prisons across America are in constant need of businesses that will help them set up the communications that inmates have with their friends and families. One of the biggest companies in the field of prison communications is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has had a long history of providing communications services to prisons and continued to do so in over a hundred prisons in the United State. Securus has always believed in updating the kind of technology they use and the services that they provide. This is one of the primary reasons why Securus Technologies is one of the most favored prison communications providers in the entire country.


Securus Technologies provides a range of video chat and voice calling services in the prisons that they have partnered with. But because of the nature of their services, it was easy for them to be misused by inmates who wanted to do so. For this purpose, the communications provider went one step further and installed inmate monitoring systems so that they could keep track of all the calls that are going on. This has proven to be an incredible tool to prisons across America as it has helped them improve their security and keep a closer watch on their inmates. Because of the technology implemented, Securus Technologies, since they opened for business, have helped several prisons to arrest criminals right before their illegal activities would be set in motion. The calls that are being done through the communication technology that Securus Technologies uses are recorded and kept. If a judiciary or any court of the law ask for these records, they can provide them with it to help support the case. These phone recordings and conversations have been used several times to catch criminals who were trying to get involved in criminal activities, either inside the prison or with the outside world.


The communications which Securus Technologies provides have made the task of monitoring inmates easier than it has ever been. More and more prisons across the country are now choosing Securus Technologies as their primary communications and monitoring systems provider because of the efficiency that comes along with the range of services that they provide.


The company is currently being led by Rick Smith who has been an incredible leader in Securus Technologies. Smith was the person responsible for the incredible changes that the company made in 2008, which improved their business for the better. With his expertise, he streamlined the merger of Securus Technologies and T-Netix, to form one big communications company that would be able to stand out in the industry.

The Philanthropy Rise through George Soros’ Fortune

Throughout the History of philanthropy, there was never such a huge donation that was directed towards one organization. George Soros, however, went against the norm. He donated 18 billion dollars to his philanthropy firm, Open Society Foundations. This foundation was started with an open society in mind. It stands for human right, accountability, and democracy alongside justice in all the countries it serves. To date, they have benefited thousands of people through their programs. Having representation in various parts of the world has made them well known in the giving industry.

The donation, 18 billion dollars, that was transferred from the Soros Fund Management to the Open Society Foundations in support of the causes they stood for made it climb ranks and become among the big fish in the philanthropy industry. This came at a cost according to Forbes. George Soros dropped to number 59 on the List of America’s richest men. For years, George Soros has been on the Forbes list, climbing ranks since he appeared there over 3 decades ago, and read full article.

George Soros believes in standing for the freedom of speech, democracy, and justice alongside other things such as equality and this is why he has given most of his fortune in support of this philanthropy organization. Contributing the 18 billion over years has helped in shaping the estate planning of the organization which is George’s vision for the organization. Additionally, since this amount of money given to this organization was huge, accountability had to be driven. The Soros Fund Management was in charge of auditing how the money was to be used.

A new party was also brought in as a Chief Investments Officer who would overlook the management of the funds. George Soros intends to expand the capabilities of the Open Society Foundations in reaching out to more people using their programs. Having been brought up during the Nazi occupation in Hungary and escaping communism, he understands the need of living in an open society where an exchange of ideas can happen freely. George Soros pursued his studies at the London School of Economics. During his stay in London, he worked as a porter at the railway and a waiter in order to afford his school fees and upkeep. He later moved on to start a Wall Street career in the United States. This is where his life changed, from a mere immigrant to a successful entrepreneur and hedge fund manager, and

George Soros studied the market keenly for a while before placing a bet on the British pound and earning a billion shillings overnight. This caused a devaluation of the British pound. He used the same strategy during the Asian market crisis and he emerged a winner. George Soros is not only involved with the funding of projects that support immigrants, education, human right and justice, he has also gone a mile further in supporting Political endeavors for the Democrats. He has donated towards their causes for a while and was behind Hillary’s campaigns as well. George Soros is committed to continuing to promote justice and democracy far and wide through Open Society Foundations, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.